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Rock Towns in Czech Republic- Czech Paradise

Bohemian Paradise was named in the second half of the nineteenth century landscape area, where are the natural values compounded by the historical monuments. The man turns the region after many thousands of years; its effect is, however, in the relative balance with nature. In 1955 it was declared as a nature protected area and in 2005 was included in the list of the most important European geoparks . The whole region includes several independent parts. The most important are the rock cities, especially the Prachovske Rocks, Hruboskalsko, Prihrazske Rocks. The biggest is Hruboskalsko that covers an area of 219 ha. Hruboskalske rock town is an important tourist area, that is every year visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists. Among the most famous monuments are the Chateau Hruba skala, which was rebuilt from the gothic castle from 14-th century on the neo-gothic chateau. Look at the chateau from the nearby Marian prospects include the famous scenery of the Czech paradise. Tourists can also visit castles like Valdstejn or Trosky. Northwest of the town of Jicin are situated the Prachovske rocks. The Prachovske rocks make up the sandstone rock town. As well as the Hruboskalsko Prachovske rocks are a popular place for tourists, not only for the amazing natural beauty, but for the history of the settlement of this territory, which dates back to the Stone Age. Also the city of Jicin with Renaissance centre offers a lot of sights. This region invites to visit all who love the nature, rocks, historical monuments, but also the climbers, who have the opportunity to show their art. As in other areas of the Czech Republic also here it is possible to taste Czech beer produced in one of the many local breweries in some of the many local restaurants.

Look from Marian prospects at Chateau Hruba Skala

Overview to counryside

Rock art

The way in the rock towers

The way in the rock towers

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